19 JULY 2019 | FRIDAY
0730 – 0830 Registration
0830 – 0915 Plenary 1: Syndromes of Resistance to Thyroid Hormone
Carla Moran
0915 – 1000 Recommendations for Management of Thyroid Diseases in Malaysia
Mafauzy Mohamed
1000 – 1030 Tea Break
1030 – 1200 SYMPOSIUM 1
Glucocorticoid Induced Osteoporosis
Hew Fen Lee
Thyroid Nodules – Approach and Management
Wong Ming
T2DM In Adolescents: Why We Do It Differently?
Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin
Male Osteoporosis
Mathis Grossman
Thyroid Dysfunction Post Immune Reconstitution
Carla Moran
Transitioning T1DM from Paediatric to Adult Care
Janet Hong Yeow Hua
Osteoporosis Management – Update And Controversies
Chan Siew Pheng
Subclinical Thyroid Disease
Malik Mumtaz
Difficult T1DM Adolescents? How Does the New Guideline Help?
Lim Song Hai
1200 – 1240 MEET THE EXPERT 1
Hyperprolactinemia – Why Worry?
Noor Lita Adam
Female Hyperandrogenism
Nurain Mohd Noor
Obesity in Children & Adolescents: Best Approach
Arini Nuran Idris
1240 – 1400 Eli Lilly Lunch Symposium AstraZeneca Lunch Symposium
The QUEST – A Revolution
in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes Management
Lim Soo Kun & Luc Van Gaal
Servier Lunch Symposium
1400 – 1440 MEET THE EXPERT 2
Managing Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy
Nurhaliza Mohd Ali
Interpreting DEXA for Clinician
Alexander Tan Tong Boon
Epidemic Vitamin D Deficiencies in Adolescents
Ting Tzer Hwu
1440 – 1550 SYMPOSIUM 2
Obesity and Sleep Disorders
Andrea Ban Yu-Lin
Carcinoid Syndrome – Recognition and Management
Zanariah Hussein
Approach to Precocious Puberty in Girls with Disability: To Stop or Not To Stop
Margaret Zacharin
Obesity and Cancer – The Unseen Link
Norlaila Mustafa
Malignant Pheochromocytoma – Where Do We Stand?
Karel Pacak
Pubertal Disorders in Adolescents with Thalassaemia
Raja Aimee Raja Abdullah
Management of Obesity – Pharmacotherapy vs Surgery
Masni Mohamad
Functional Imaging in the Diagnosis and Management of NET
Rodney Hicks
1550 – 1630 Plenary 2: Osteoporotic Fracture Risk Tools in Asia Pacific – With emphasis on FRAX
Manju Chandran
1610 – 1700 MSD Hi-Tea Symposium Poster Presentation
0730 – 0830 Merck Breakfast Symposium
0830 – 0915 Plenary 3: Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma – New Insights
Karel Pacak
0915 – 1000 Plenary 4: Larger than Life: Acromegaly & Gigantism – What’s New?
C Rajasoorya
1000 – 1010 Launch of Malaysian National Acromegaly Consensus (MyNAC)
1010 – 1030 Tea Break Poster Presentation
1030 – 1200 SYMPOSIUM 3
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Chan Wah Kheong
Non-functioning Pituitary Adenoma – Updates in Management
C Rajasoorya
Managing difficult Graves Disease – Latest Guidelines and Consensus
Wong Sze Lyn Jeanne
Diabetes and Heart Failure Hypophysitis – Recognizing the ‘Silent’ Headache
Nor Azmi Kamarudin
Hypothyroidism in Special Situations
Noor Shafina Mohd Nor
Diabetic Kidney Disease
Chong Yip Boon
Cushing Disease – The Evolving Spectrum
Mohd Badrulnizam Long Bidin
Subclinical Hypothyroidism
Suhaimi Hussain
1200 – 1240 MEET THE EXPERT 3
Male Hypogonadism
Mathis Grossman
Young Hypertension – When is it Hormonal?
Norlela Sukor
Becoming the Opposite Gender: What is Wrong with Me?
Wu Loo Ling
1240 – 1400 Sanofi-Aventis Lunch Symposium CCM Pharma Lunch Symposium Boehringer Ingelheim Lunch Symposium
1400 – 1440 MEET THE EXPERT 4
Interpreting Abnormal Thyroid Function Tests
Rosemary Wong
Managing Complications of Pituitary Surgery – SIADH and DI
Florence Tan
Delayed Puberty in Adolescents: What is the Best Practice?
Margaret Zacharin
1040 – 1610 SYMPOSIUM 4
Statin in Primary Prevention – When is it Indicated? Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Axis Suppression
Carla Moran
Amenorrhea – Evaluation and Management
Lim Siang Chin
Treating LDL to Target – How Low to Go?
Mafauzy Mohamed
Adrenal Incidentaloma – Approach and Management
Azraai Bahari Nasruddin
Infertility – Approach and Management
Zainul Rashid Mohd Razi
Hypertriglyceridemia – To Treat or Not to Treat?
Luc Van Gaal
Adrenocortical Carcinoma – Updates
Leilani Mercado-Asis
Testosterone Therapy – Update and Controversies
Mathis Grossman
1610 – 1700 Novo Nordisk Hi-Tea Symposium Oral Presentation
1700 – 1900 MEMS Annual General Meeting
1930 – 2130 Taisho Pharmaceutical Dinner Symposium
21 JULY 2019 | SUNDAY
0730 – 0830 Abbott Laboratories Breakfast Symposium
0830 – 0930 SYMPOSIUM 5
Diabetes in Pregnancy
Rohana Abdul Ghani
Hypoparathyroidism – Insights into Disease and Treatment Options
Manju Chandran
The Paediatrician’s Perspective
Lim Poi Giok
Diabetes in Elderly Bone Disease and CKD
Lim Soo Kun
Transition to Adulthood, Late Onset CAH
Shireene Vethakkan
0930 – 1010 MEET THE EXPERT 5
Non-diabetic Hypoglycemia
Foo Siew Hui
Challenging Cases in Bone Disease
Manju Chandran
Short Teens: Are We too Late?
Azriyanti Anuar Zaini
1010 – 1030 Tea Break
1030 – 1130 SYMPOSIUM 6 – High and Low: The Endocrinologist’s Perspective
Adrenal Fatigue: Real or Myth?
Chan Siew Pheng
Hormones and Happiness: Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphines
– Are These the Key to Happiness?
Anuar Zaini Md Zain
1130 – 1210 Zuellig-Amgen Lunch Symposium
1210 – 1230 Closing & MAC Prize-Giving Ceremony